EHP director, Scot Douglass, has a passion for helping students with big ideas do great things. One of the most notable accomplishments of one of our in-house design team, is the Andrews Hall Grand Orrery. Fourteen students put their heads together to plan, design, budget, build, and install a mechanical model of the solar system in the Andrews Hall Common Room. You can read about the design process on the website of the design team's organizer (who went on to earn his masters at Northwestern's Segal Design Institute):

EHP students have won awards in various design competitions, including:

Alternative Fuel Prototype for Shell Eco-Marathon - 1st Place: Matthew Sturm and his Senior Design Team
National AECOM Water Academic Design Competition: Bryan Bei, Daniela Castaneda, Eric Millinger, and Lauren Schmeisser
National EWB Award: Lauren Schmeisser (Awarded for her work with Engineers Without Borders in Peru)
2013 AlChE Poster Competition (Materials Engineering and Sciences Division): Kayla Weston, 1st Place, A Method for Clean H2 Generation from Solar Heat and Water)
2013 AlChE Poster Competition (Computing, Simulation and Process Control Division): Rachel Viger, 3rd Place, Theoretical Model of a Thermochemical Metal Oxide Cycle for Hydrogen Production

They are also known to have a knack for coming up with ways to improve their own environment in Andrews Hall. Our students...

• worked with facilities to design the expansion of the Andrews Hall kitchen in 2013
• built the computers for the Andrews technology lab
• designed and built a study bar constructed without nails
• built mobile glass writing boards for use in the common room
• repaired an old grandfather clock (now in the Andrews Common Room)
• aided in the design conversations regarding the building of the Idea Forge
• designed and built the furniture for the Idea Forge
• are designing their own projects on a continual basis in the Idea Forge Makerspace