ePortfolio Instructions

Step 1: Choose a Website Host

You are free to choose any website host you choose (or you can code it from the ground up!). We recommend using these two free site builders (though they do have options for purchasing your own domain, if you choose to do so after graduation):

There are also other sites out there like Wix, Weebly, SiteBuilder, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Duda, Google Sites, etc.

Once you choose your site, follow the prompts on the sites to begin creating your own. Most of these are pretty intuitive (especially Wordpress).

Step 2: Submit Your URL (and password if private site)

Once you've created your site, submit your URL to Aimee via the ePortfolio Submission Form.

If your URL changes throughout your college career, please resubmit the new URL via the same form or contact Aimee directly.

Also, if you have chosen to password protect your site so that only you and other EHP students can view it, please submit the password to Aimee as well so she can post it on the Directory. That way other EHP students will have access to it.

Step 3: Continue Designing and Completing Your Portfolio

Keep your portfolio update throughout your college career by updating it periodically... as needed or at the end of each semester.

Step 4:
Submit Your Complete ePortfolio

Before you graduate, resubmit your complete ePortfolio so we know it's complete and you can graduate with honors.