ePortfolio Instructions

Step 1:
Access Google Sites Through Your CU IdentiKey

Use your IdentiKey to sign-on to:


Note: If signing in from the regular Gmail log-in page, you must attach @colorado.edu to your IdentiKey user name to sign in. (i.e. enghnrs@colorado.edu, not just enghnrs)


Step 2:
How to Obtain an ePortfolio

Your password-protected ePortfolio website template will be given to you by the EHP Web Manager.  Your portfolio must be created* through your CU Google account (not on your personal Gmail account).  You will see the EHP template in your list of Google sites here (you must be signed in with your IdentiKey first):



Step 3:
Design and Complete Your Portfolio - Basic Overview

You are not required to use the template design.  You may alter it as you wish or change the design completely.  

You may also use another website to design your portfolio on fancier terms (such as wordpress.com), but the Google URL you are given must always link to your ePortfolio. If you wish to host your ePortfolio on another server, then you need to create a redirect link on the Google Sites URL you are assigned (see Resources & Help for instructions on how to do this).  Additionally, if you decide to purchase your own domain name, please inform the Web Manager.


Step 4:
Submit Your ePortfolio

Fill out the ePortfolio Submission Form by the first day of classes following Spring Break, either your junior or senior year (depending on which requirement you're fulfilling).  

Students graduating in December should submit their forms on the first day of classes following fall break.

Note: We are not yet enforcing a hard deadline, but please aim to submit your portfolio around this time or shortly after.