Program Requirements


The Engineering Honors Program is committed to providing a qualitative, not a quantitative, addition to the normal curriculum. As a result, our structural requirements are very few and are integrated as closely as possible with existing degree requirements. To be a part of EHP and also graduate "with Honors" (note, this is distinct from Latinate honors; see explanation here) you must:

I. Actively participate in the Engineering Honors Program. This includes:

  • Living for at least one year in residence in Andrews Hall (Required for the first year, optional after that. Over 50% of our upperclassmen choose to return.)
  • Regular attendance at major EHP events throughout your undergraduate career (approximately 4-5 per year, including the Welcome/Spring banquests, the EHP retreat, and cultural events).

II. Complete EHON 1151: Critical Encounters I the fall of your first year.

III. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3

IV. Prepare an acceptable "junior level" Honors ePortfolio

V. Complete and successfully defend either a Senior Honors Thesis or a Senior Honors E-Portfolio.

"Being in EHP was, hands-down, the best part of my college experience. The community was full of so many amazing people who inspired me with their passions, challenged me to strive for lofty goals, supported me in hard times, and baked some fantastic cookies."

Rianne Campbell
EHP Alumni, Entering class of 2008