Instructions and Logistics

It will benefit you greatly to familiarize yourself with the following information before applying online:

The Application Process

Application to EHP is a separate, volitional process from applying to the College of Engineering and Applied Science (it is also separate from applying for RAPs through the housing application). You must apply to both the College and EHP. You do not need to wait until you are accepted to the College to apply. In fact, we encourage you to apply as soon as the online application becomes available in Septemebr. Your participation on our program is, of course, contingent on your acceptance to the College of Engineering.

Also, you do not need to be invited to apply. We are distinct from the College of Arts and Sciences' general honors program (that engineering students may participate in). Their program is by invitation only. We welcome any engineering student to apply.

Our application is online and requires a Google account to access. You do not need to mail in any additional material. Click here to review all deadlines.

We review all applications at the same time, starting immediately after the deadline. Notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent out via email sometime between mid-February to mid-March (at the very latest).

Important: Please double check the email address you provide on your application is correct as it is what we will use to contact you initially regarding your acceptance.

Acceptance to EHP

Acceptance to EHP is highly competitive. We typically receive over 400 applications for 80 first year spots.

Researching our program in the About section, visiting EHP, and reading Professor Douglass' letter on the Apply homepage will help you to better understand the kind of students we are seeking to be a part of our community.

Also, please make sure you are able to meet the program requirements, including residence in Andrews Hall for your first year of college and enrollment in Criticial Encounters I in the fall.

Finally, if you are not accepted to EHP, please be comforted to know that you can still pursue graduating with Latinate honors.

About the RAP Fee

The RAP (Residential Academic Program) fee for first year students participating in EHP is $850.

Your RAP fee covers the cost of hiring instructors to teach in Andrews Hall, core events (cultural events, banquets, retreats, etc.) and other program operating expenses.

(Also, we are frequently asked if EHP offers tuition scholarships. We do not, as all Financial Aid is distributed through CU's Office of Financial Aid.)