EHP is committed to the cultivation of community. We bring together students and faculty who are deeply ambitious without being competitive with each other, committed to the success of others without sacrificing their own achievements, and who enjoy engineering without being defined by it.

We are a community of over 300 students and faculty dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our ambitions. In addition to excelling at math and science, we are a diverse group that includes musicians, artists, gourmet cooks, ROTC cadets, writers, PLC participants, athletes and student leaders with various goals. Some of those goals are to become engineers, development workers, educators, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, professors, researchers and environmental policy makers.

We are housed in the Andrews Hall Residential College in the Kittredge Residential Community at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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funwatercat1"Being a part of EHP means being part of a community that invites me each and every day to be the best version of myself-- yes, academically and professionally, but also personally. Being a good engineer-- being a good anything-- rests on one’s ability to act with integrity, sincerity, honesty, and passion. These things can’t develop or be sustained in isolation. EHP fostered the sorts of conversations and friendships that continue to bolster these traits in me, even beyond my time at CU. These relationships have sharpened my character, expanded my intellect, broadened my interests, and opened up a world of opportunity."

Stephen Kissler

EHP Alumni, Entering class of 2010
Gates Cambridge Scholar
Current PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

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